About Cabinas Tito in Cahuita

Cahuita and the caribbean of Costa Rica

Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

On your trip to Costa Rica, you cannot miss visiting the Caribbean of Costa Rica; bordered by beautiful white sand beaches or black sand beaches; mountains with beautiful and refreshing waterfalls of fresh water, the Caribbean of Costa Rica has a great cultural diversity.

If you travel to the Caribbean of Costa Rica, you cannot miss Cahuita, this is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places to enjoy your vacations; located in the province of Limón, just 45 minutes from downtown Limón, or approximately four hours from San José. Here you can find a great diversity of flora and fauna.

Cabinas Tito | Cahuita

Cabins soround by nature

To talk a little about us, Cabinas Tito was born in 1990 as a small family project in Cahuita, one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica, it is very easily accessible by road, as mentioned before, only about 45 minutes by highway from the center of the province of Limón.

With great pleasure we share our beautiful Afro-Caribbean garden with as many people as possible in the world, nature lovers, who are looking for a quiet place in perfect harmony with nature, to retire and have that peace and well-deserved rest.

My name is Ivon and, together with my children, Tito and Cindy, we are dedicated to the care and conservation of the paradise in which we live, surrounded by a very diverse flora and fauna among which we can find a variety of birds, mammals, ornamental plants and fruit trees used for personal consumption and for our visitors.

We are very happy to be Costa Rican and to belong to the Afro-descendant Caribbean culture, and we are grateful with life and God who has given us the opportunity to live in this little piece of heaven on earth, in which we wake up every day listening to the beautiful sing of the birds. We invite you to visit us and enjoy together with us so much natural wealth.

Things to do in Cahuita

Highly recommended in Cahuita

In addition to the lodging service, Cabinas Tito offers various trips through the area and the entire national territory to tourists, highlighting their experiential experience and the learning acquired in Ecological Tourism at the University of Costa Rica.

There are many beautiful places to visit while in Cahuita, one of them is the Cahuita National Park; which has a beautiful white sand beach along lush vegetation, which can be traveled following well-marked trails, while enjoying the varied local flora and fauna.

Cahuita has one of the most extensive reefs in the Atlantic, located in the Cahuita National Park, which can be visited with a local guide, but if you prefer to stay on land you can travel the 9 km of trail with sightings of all kinds of local fauna, we can find several species of monkeys, birds, sloth bears, among others.

Don't think about it too much, come to the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica, visit us in Cahuita, Cabinas Tito will be happy to welcome you and help you get the rest you deserve.